For most men Herbal Ignite for Him performs well. On occasion however customers have asked if we can provide a stronger solution.

Hence, we would like to introduce to you our new Herbal Ignite & Zinc Booster pack. If you're looking to boost your libido and enhance your sex drive, then this ones for you... It packs a punch!

Why Zinc?

Zinc can help block the conversion of Testosterone (Male sex hormone) to Estrogen (Female sex hormone). When men have too much estrogen it can cause problems such as difficulty getting or maintaining an erection. Zinc can benefit testosterone production whilst zinc deficiency can hinder testosterone production. 

This is especially relevant in New Zealand where the zinc mineral content in our soil is declining and many people are choosing to supplement our natural intake with supplements. 

Zinc also has anti-inflammatory properties which may have therapeutic benefits including assisting to fight cancer, assisting to reverse heart disease and slowing the ageing process. Other top health benefits of good zinc levels include increased immunity and cold fighting ability, being a powerful antioxidant and supporting liver health. 

How does Zinc compliment Herbal Ignite for Him?

Zinc is a key mineral that assists testosterone production and good health and herbal Ignite for Him contains powerful herbs which work to increase testosterone levels supporting erectile dysfunction and sex drive. When paired together, you should get stronger results! 💪 This combo will last you on average 2 months, perfect timing to get you re-energized for Summer!

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Be quick! Offer expires midnight 14th October.